Prioritize Student Self-Care on World Teen Mental Wellness Day

Coping with stress doesn’t always fit the average teenager’s definition of cool. Use these Discovery Education resources to create a safe space where students can open up and let others in for World Teen Mental Wellness Day.

Dose of Knowledge 

Explore the effects that stress, anxiety, and depression can have on the teen brain and body using the Mental Health Digital Lesson Bundle. Students will learn strategies for managing emotions without succumbing to risky behaviors like substance misuse.

Discover Your Happy 

When students need an extra boost building emotional resiliency, they can lean on the amazing science-based practice of sustainable happiness! Watch the Happiness Skills video for concrete tools to help teens develop a positive approach to life.

Ask, Listen, Learn 

The ability to rise above peer pressure is one of the most important skills students can use to stay in control of their mental health. Explore How Marijuana Affects Your Developing Brain and empower your class to build a better future by choosing wellness today.

Ready, Set, RISE! 

You can teach your students so much about mental wellness just by modeling social-emotional health every week in class. Reinforce your own skills as a wellness leader with the Trauma-Informed Care and Educator Well-Being Learning module.

Helping students of all ages learn to cope with stress is key to their future success, in education and beyond. Recognize World Teen Mental Wellness Day by integrating one of these or other wellness resources into curriculum. Explore more on the these program channels and in the SEL Center in Experience.