Count on Ready-to-Use Lesson Starters to Recognize Pi Day

The mystery and magic of Pi is the perfect jumping off point for a learning adventure into the unknown! Explore new frontiers with your students using resources that make thinking outside-the-box easy as Pi.

Discover Data

The possibilities of using data in class are as endless as Pi’s infinite string of decimals! Dive into the digital treasure trove of data to help students understand the evolving role of women in society with the Women and Gender Equity activity.

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Girls Get STEM

Bring to life the power behind numbers and symbols with a series of hands-on activities that explore passwords and the basics of internet safety. Pictorial Passwords and Powerful Passwords both feature a classroom and family activity – available in Spanish!

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Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids

Smart money decisions can be as mysterious to young people as the concept of Pi! Help students decode the path to financial responsibility and success with the Earn, Save, Spend, Donate video and activity, which clear up common money misconceptions.

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Siemens STEM Day

Show students how to turn “Pi in the sky” ideas into real-world STEM innovations with the help of a newly fabbed lab at your school. Enter the 2021 Possibility Grant Sweepstakes to be one of five Title I schools to receive a $5K STEM makeover!

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Explore more Pi Day resources on the Prepare for Pi Day Channel in the Discovery Education K-12 learning platform!