Using Hands-On STEM Experiences to Connect Students to the World

Watch the June 22nd episode of Hands-On STEM on-demand!

Hosted by Brandon Okpalobi, President and CEO of Dibia DREAM, Inc., students built a solar oven while discussing topics around renewable energy, sustainability, and engineering and meeting STEM professionals from API & Boeing!

Active engagement is one of the best ways for students to learn new concepts. Students want to see how what they are learning connects to the world outside of school and how they can make a difference with the skills they are developing. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) offer endless and innovative ways for students to explore their world, hands and minds first. 

As the job market expands, so does the need to ensure that students grasp STEM concepts. Companies need students to truly understand these ideas as the need for STEM specialists continues to grow across all industries. 

Led by the STEM Careers Coalition – the first-of-its-kind national STEM initiative powered by corporate leaders and anchored in schools by Discovery Education – new Hands-On STEM events can help bridge the gap between STEM concepts and the world world by  

  • Providing educational content to students about local and global issues in STEM that will impact them in their lifetime.  
  • Connecting students to industry leaders in the STEM community. 
  • Showing the implementation and practical uses of the topic in the workspace. 
  • Instructing students how to build at-home experiments relevant to the subject that are both educational and entertaining. 

Hands-On STEM events offer students, primarily grades K-8, from all backgrounds the opportunity to get involved and participate in important conversations that impact the world. Hands-on experiments conducted during the events teach the key STEM concepts while using household items to create access and connect students everywhere. By engaging students in these activities and by nurturing them through the STEM Careers Coalition’s pipeline of STEM success, companies like Boeing and the American Petroleum Company (API) demonstrate their commitments to the local communities. 

The issues that the world sees today cannot be tackled by any one person or industry alone; getting the entire global community engaged is vital. Through events like the Hands-On STEM, kids from all backgrounds will see the STEM in them. 

Connect to all the incredible, no-cost and standards-aligned resources from the STEM Careers Coalition at and catch the June 22nd Hands-On STEM event on demand here. Then, tune in live in September to meet leaders from Microsoft, Chevron, and API as they explore the wide world of STEM innovation.