Ignite Inspiration Anywhere with Virtual Field Trips

Give students a virtual passport to explore new worlds, mind-blowing innovations, and inspiring real-life stories with Discovery Education’s wide variety of new and on-demand Virtual Field Trips. 

No matter what direction you want to get students thinking in, there’s a Virtual Field Trip that will get you there! Virtual Field Trips are the perfect ready-to-use resource to kickstart student engagement in any learning environment over the summer and beyond. 

These dynamic virtual explorations incorporate a tapestry of firsthand subject matter expert interviews, student-age peer reflections, and lots of behind-the-scenes immersion into exciting real-world careers, amazing places and innovations, powerful human stories and so much more. 

You can join us LIVE for new Virtual Field Trips this fall! REGISTER NOW for upcoming premieres starting September 7 at 1pm ET with 9/11: A Day for Good Deeds. This virtual experience will empower a young generation to commemorate the 20th anniversary of September, 11, 2001 as a day of unity and commitment to the greater good with this uplifting virtual journey.

More upcoming fall premieres:

  • Discover Your Happy: Happiness in Action
    Discover Your Happy | LG
    September 16 at 1 PM ET
  • Know More, Do More
    Science Fair Central | Home Depot
    September 23 at 1 PM ET
  • Girls4Tech Cybersecurity Video Series
    Girls4Tech | Mastercard
    September 28 at 1 PM ET
  • Testing the Limits
    FUTURE U. | Boeing
    September 30 at 1 PM ET

Keep the learning alive with Discovery Education’s no-cost library of past Virtual Field Trips, which touch on important topics like SEL, sustainability, health & wellness, and more.  Explore newly added on-demand experiences:

  • The City of U.S. 
    For many students, a trip to Washington, D.C. is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that opens their eyes to an exciting world beyond their classrooms. Discovery Education and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden welcome students to a behind-the-scenes Virtual Field Trip to experience the history and beauty of our nation’s capital.
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  • Be Vape Free: Just the Facts | Be Vape Free
    Give students their Vape Detective badge and?go?on a virtual investigation that tracks the consequences of e-cigarette use from the first puff all the way to the brain. A companion Educator Guide provides all the clues students will need, including vocabulary, activities and more.
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  • Identity, Belonging, Legacy: How Testimony Makes Us Stronger Than Hate | Teaching with Testimony
    Shine a light on a?dark chapter of history and inspire students to turn compassion into action by diving into the legacy of the Armenian Genocide. Help students confront powerful themes explored in the Virtual Field Trip with the Educator Guide.
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With a brisk 20 to 30-minute duration, Virtual Field Trips are packed full of awesome “Aha!” moments, useful knowledge and industry insights, and lots of potential for further investigation after viewing. Explore Discovery Education’s newest Virtual Field Trips, and be sure to access companion lesson guides and activities, which can be used to engage students before, during, and after viewing! Check out the Virtual Field Trips channel in the Discovery Education K-12 learning platform for more!