Celebrate Modern Manufacturing with the STEM Careers Coalition

Calling all creators, doers and makers! If your students are ready to solve some of the manufacturing industry’s toughest challenges, check out these resources to see if they have what it takes to Make It In Modern Manufacturing.

In celebration of Manufacturing Day, the STEM Careers Coalition, has curated an engaging collection of brain teasers, career profiles, hands-on activities and more to spark students’ imaginations and help them see what modern manufacturing in America is all about!

Career Profiles

What kind of problems do your students want to solve? Explore the profiles below of people just like you who are using the skills they learned in school to become the kind of problem solvers that make a difference. Make the connection from the classroom to careers with in-depth explorations of careers in manufacturing, including process engineers, maintenance technicians and equipment operations.

In this collection curated specifically in recognition of Manufacturing Day, give students a unique view of manufacturing professionals innovating in the industry, including

  • Process Engineers > Leadership-oriented professionals who combine business management skills with knowledge of multiple fields of science and mathematics, including Chemistry, Thermodynamics, and Physics. They design systems that help factories and plants maximize the efficient production of goods.
  • Maintenance Electricians > As an expert in “keeping the machine running” at a manufacturing plant, Tyler channeled his experience performing preventative maintenance checks to help stop the spread of COVID-19 with new safety precautions at his facility.
  • Production Operators > Production operators have sound mechanical knowledge and abilities and are able to work effectively with their hands. They understand how to use a variety of technology applications for measuring oil and gas output.
  • Supplier Quality Launch Leaders > In light of widespread closures of manufacturing plants and parts suppliers due to the pandemic, Alex and his GM colleagues collaborated with an outside company to help produce ventilators, using their manufacturing skills for the greater good.

Student & Classroom Activities

Access the no-cost, standards-aligned classroom activities to support future career success for all students. Each activity features important STEM skills and a step-by-step guide for implementing activities wherever learning is taking place.

  • Farm to Table > Students gain context on the role petroleum plays in food production, while focusing on the importance of fuel efficiency and sustainable infrastructure. They will assess how efficiency varies among freight transportation methods based on factors like speed, cost, and environmental impact.
  • Eco Friendly Manufacturing > Students will investigate the textile industry’s impact on global water scarcity using engineering analysis. They will review strategies for reducing pollution while maintaining industry success, and draft clear guidelines to steer textile manufacturers to a more sustainable future.
  • Critical Thinking > In this sixth session, young people will explore a STEM challenge focused around manufacturing. As they collaborate to complete the challenge, they will apply the engineering design process to create prototypes of a new product and optimize their designs.

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