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#DENfitFriday- What is your Status?

#DENfitFriday- What is your Status?

I wrote about the awesome #DENfitFriday challenge here at the very end of May.  I was on a roll!  I had been religiously doing the various challenges, keeping up with my eating, and walking EVERY day!  Then disaster struck… (insert ominous Da-Da- Duuuuhhh here) known as the end of school! Now, you might say.. end of


Hi, I am Andrea Keller and I am a fast food aholic… but more importantly I LOVE Challenges! So, when #DENfitFriday came through my email I was SUPER excited!  Haven’t heard of #DENfitFriday? Check out the website “#DENfitFriday is a fitness initiative for educators within the DEN that encourages them to make healthier lifestyle choices.  Through workouts,

My DEN Story

I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people along my journey as an educator.   Because of these different connections is the reason that I am a part of the Discovery Education Network.  Several years ago I met Elaine Plybon (if you are ever bored, I will be happy to share the story

Discovering Even more of the DEN

I have been a DEN Star and LC member for almost 3 years now and I am always learning something new! I had the chance to attend the first #DENapalooza in McKinney, Texas.  I had a chance to listen to some great sessions and connect with some friends F2F (I am all about an online connection,


Amendment added! I know that it is only February, but there is already SO many things to start marking on your calendar!  I just finished with TCEA where one of our own DEN members was selected TCEA Teacher of the Year!  Will be doing a blog on that soon!  So, here are a few of

Accomplishments and Tooting Your Horn

During the summer I am always so caught up on all my social media and everything that is going on.  I am sharing, gathering, and redistributing information that I learn.  During the first of the school year my social media has to take a break as I get back into the swing of school.  Well,

Extended Learning

There are always so many opportunities to attend conferences.  I love attending conferences to of course gain new learning… but even more to connect with others throughout the eduverse.  I teach in a self contained classroom, so I welcome an opportunity to connect with educators outside the classroom.  At the end of September I was

September Goodies! International Dot Day and EdCampDallas

With August wrapped up (along with a crazy summer!) September has started with a bang!  Besides all of the back to school craziness I also have 2 very fun events to look forward too! September 15th is International Dot Day.  I am currently working with our art teacher to have an event to celebrate that

Keeping Your Parents Up To Date!

I just finished my first week of school.  I LOVE my classroom, but I am super excited that it is a 3 day weekend this weekend.  Gives me a chance to catch up with my giant to do list. First on my list is to sleep late 🙂  I love teaching,  but I also love