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Goolge Earth and Imbedded Discovery Education streaming Video

Goolge Earth and Imbedded Discovery Education streaming Video

For all of you who love Google Earth, but wished you could embed your favorite Discovery Education streaming video the solution is finally here. For a while you have been able to insert flash video from YouTube and TeacherTube, but not from .asf, .avi, etc. Now with a relatively simple code you can insert your

Kentucky Educational Television Continues Commitment to Providing State Educators and Students High-Quality Digital Media

KET EncycloMedia, a partnership between KET and the Kentucky Department of Education, offers teachers and students more than 5,000 videos, 50,000 video clips and thousands of digital images, all searchable by keyword, content area, grade level, and Kentucky academic standards. KET is Kentucky’s most accessible and comprehensive educational institution, and a leading example of how

Join us online for the 3rd annual streamathon!

Here at Discovery Education, people are doing daily calisthenics, stocking up on coffee and preparing I.V.’s full of Red Bull.  And that can only mean one thing…  The third annual Discovery Education streamathon is coming!This year’s streamathon features presentations by all your favorite members of the DEN team, from Hall Davidson to Lance Rougeux, and each of

Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge launches TODAY!

If you’ve been salivating over the idea of jumping into the Challenge since we first announced it, then today’s your lucky day!  Starting today, middle school students across the Unite States are being encouraged to “go green” and team up for the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, the first and only national K-12

Palm Beach Conference

I had the pleasure of spending time with a very enthusiastic group of teachers from Palm Beach County Schools on August 6th.  I was captivated by the enthusiasm for new technology and innovative teaching strategies.  During the conference educators were exposed to new integration tips for DE streaming, the DEN, the builders, and multiple web

Petal Conference

It was a thrill to spend last Thursday in Petal, MS.  It was exciting to have so many fans of Discovery Education streaming.  As promised, but a little delayed, I have uploaded the presentation from the conference.  Please feel free to download the presentation and share it with other educators throughout MS.  I look forward

SCETV Summer Workshop

As always it was a thrill to work with all of the wonderful individuals at SCETV and share with the wonderful educators from across South Carolina.  I am always energized by the passion of today’s educators and their willingness to continue to learn for the betterment of their students.  For those in attendance please feel

Leon County Day of Discovery

As promised, but delayed, below you will find the presentations from the Day of Discovery Event on Friday, June 13th.  Please feel free to use these presentations to share with other interested.  Thank you again for your interest in Discovery Education. 50 Ways to Integrate Streaming Digital Storytelling

Broward County Discovery Education streaming

We had a great time in Broward County last evening.  Thank you to everyone who took the time out from your evening to learn some new tricks and tools to incorporate into Discovery Education streaming.  As I promised the PowerPoint and Google Earth code has bee linked below. Broward County Discovery Education streaming x-treme Google