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Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Partners with Discovery Education

Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Partners with Discovery Education

Discovery Education and The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) announced today an unprecedented, innovative alliance to help parents, educators, and children address the problem of childhood obesity. Today HWCF is launching web-based outreach campaigns with Discovery Education to encourage and promote physical activity and healthy eating, especially among children. The online campaigns address rising levels

Breaking the Silence of Mental Illness

Lorraine Kaplan and Janet Susin are members of the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), who also happen to be educators, mothers, and parents of children who have suffered with mental illness.  Janet and Lorraine recently hosted a webinar representing theNAMI during which they provided a great wealth of insights into working with children suffering

EdTech Connect with Temple Grandin

What an amazing webinar with Dr. Temple Grandin last night!!  Dr. Grandin provided those in attendance with an insight into what it is like to view the world as an autistic person as well as tips for teachers on how to support students with autism or Aspergers.  In addition, the DEN showed it’s true powers

Storyboarding for a Successful Screen Debut – Sponsored by 3M

Join us tomorrow for the first in a series of webinars designed to prepare students for their 3M Young Scientist Challenge submission.  Tomorrow’s webinar will help students prepare for their submission by introducing them to the storyboarding process and free tools that can be used to assist students in creating their storyboard.  We will also

DEN Spring Virtual Conference

We are preparing for the 2010 Spring Virtual Conference.  There are two great ways to attend the Spring Virtual Conference.  The easiest way is to simply logon anytime between 8AM and 4PM EST and enjoy the presentations from the comfort of your home and nearest beach.  The second way allows you to share the experience

Fast Company Publication Recognizes Discovery Education Science

Recently Fast Company, a publication “focusing on the most creative individuals sparking change in the marketplace” recognized Discovery Education Science as one of the of “the coolest devices, sites, and apps for kids to log on and learn”.  Here is what they had to say about Discovery Education Science: “students can “learn science as scientists.”

Siemens Foundation's New President

We are excited to share the news that Jennifer Harper-Taylor has been appointed to be the President of the Siemens Foundation.  Siemens Foundation focuses on providing unique opportunities for teachers and students through high quality professional development and engaging STEM related activities.  They have just closed the We Can Change the World program for this

NSTA Conference Events

  We have a number of exciting events planned for NSTA in Philadelphia.  Please join us for any of the events you are able. We also have numerous workshops around great STEM related partnership programs that I encourage you to learn more about.  We look forward to seeing you at NSTA. Evening Events: STAR Dinner