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DEN Fall VirtCon – “A Bewitching Combination: Student Facilitators, Professional Development & Livebinders

On October 19, 2013, Discovery Education again wowed us with their full day of presentations, 23 in all. Since it was impossible to participate in all the events, all presentations have been archived and are available at I know many of us intend to go back and view some that we missed, but with

3D Printing – My First Exposure

I knew that 3D printing, crafting three-dimensional objects using CAD and a variety of materials from plastics to metal, existed, but it was a mystery to me. I know that these printers have become more affordable such that they are in the price range of more schools (a little over $2,000), but I knew very

Exciting News! DENSI Live!

I have never attended the Den Summer Institute, but I’ve always envied those who have. This year it takes place in our own neck of the woods, Burlington, Vermont. Congratulations to all those wonderful DEN stars who were chosen to attend. But guess what! The rest of us are not going to be left out

Tundra Connections from DE -starting week of October 22-26

Thanks to an email heads-up from Porter Palmer, I was able to view the live webcast from the Polar Bear’s International camp in the tundra. Two Discovery Educators, Karen Ogen and Tammy Einerson, were among the participants who hosted the webcast at 3:30 ET. They spoke of their awesome experiences so far which included sightings of