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If You Give a DEN Guru (Conni Mulligan) an iPad…….

If You Give a DEN Guru (Conni Mulligan) an iPad…….

My name is Conni Mulligan and I have been part of the Discovery Educator Network since 2005 when the service was called United Streaming.  Shortly after applying to become a STAR educator, I inquired about why North and South Carolina were combined on the DEN Leadership Council Blog instead of being separate states.  Well, long story

I Didn’t Know Discovery Did That?

As an Instructional Technology Facilitator, workshop presenter, teacher and an avid promoter of using Discovery Education products and resources, I am constantly hearing, “I didn’t’ know it did that???” when working with administrators, teachers, district curriculum coaches and department heads.  So, here are some of the most often heard things that I am asked and

Don’t Get Caught in Email Tag

Who are you? What do you do? Where do you work? How do I contact you later? These are very simple questions that everyone reading emails should be able to answer for themselves.  However, do you know the answers to these 4 simple questions for the rest of the individuals that send you emails?  Hundreds

Not in Words!

“Welcome to the Not in Words’ website: explaining things with a universal language, the language of pictures.” ~ This video is very good at explaining the “Evolution of the Web through Web 2.0” to those that still just don’t understand.  More importantly, it has NO WORDS; thus, the title of the website.  Even though most

Resizing Images

Have you ever spent more than 5 minutes resizing and cropping an image to the “JUST RIGHT” size for your website or other location?  I know that I have and I also know that many teachers get caught up in this task just to have their image become distorted by the height and width dimensions.