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Bring Classroom Instruction to Life with the Quest For Curiosity

Bring Classroom Instruction to Life with the Quest For Curiosity

Discovery Education’s Quest for Curiosity is a teacher-led, student-focused activity allowing your students to use their individual Discovery Education STREAMING student accounts.  Students will navigate Discovery Education STREAMING digital media resources and find the answers to 10 questions spanning core curricular areas.  Along this path they will be exposed to relevant, engaging content tied to

“Springing” Beyond the Textbook with Educators at AIU 3

On Thursday, March 10th, Kristen Olson and I had the pleasure of visiting AIU 3 for an enriching spring workshop that Jana Baxter coordinated for more than 70 educators across Allegheny County. The theme of the day was Spring Beyond the Textbook, and our goal was to share and uncover new ways to captivate the

Vicki Davis, another STAR at PETE&C

At PETE&C on Tuesday morning, Vicki Davis, a STAR Discovery Educator from Georgia, delivered a thought-provoking session on Technology Driven Differentiated Instruction. Below I have reflected on some of the big ideas surrounding her message. Big Idea #1:  Pick 3. Vicki emphasized that educators should identify the next three things they want to learn, and

Googling for More

At PETE&C on Tuesday afternoon Jana Baxter, a STAR Discovery Educator from IU3, had a full house as she challenged the audience to move beyond the simple search functionality of Google and utilize it to maximize learning and teaching while transforming us into more productive and efficient users. Here are some highlights of her session. 

Discovery Education, Celeb-style, at MSET

If you’re planning to go to MSET this April, consider joining us at the Discovery Education Digital Media Lab.  During the conference, April 12 and 13, Discovery Education and STAR Discovery Educators will be delivering interactive, hands-on sessions in the Digital Media Lab. Here’s a preview of our featured sessions: 21 Ways to Reach the

FETC Pre-Con: What’s on Your Mind and Your Desktop?

At the Discovery Education FETC Pre-Conference event on Tuesday, February 1, we had the opportunity to ask questions to an all-star panel of experts including: Joe Brennan, Tim Childers, Kathy Schrock, Lee Kolbert, and Steve Dembo.  Below are the questions, and the expert responses! What is the best use of a web 2.0 tool that

Coming Soon to a Computer Near You: STEMulating Student Engagement

Pennsylvania Educators and Administrators, did you know that as Discovery Education subscribers, you have free access to a unique collection of career video clips, learning activities, and related content for grades K-12?  In support of STEM initiatives, Discovery Education has resources that are organized by discipline and highlight the connections among science, technology, engineering, and