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Happy Leap Day!

My family and I have a tradition of doing jumping photos whenever we visit some place special. Today being Leap Day, Flickr has offered a unique way to celebrate the day. Jump! (Thanks to Nancy Sharoff, DEN guru for the link) Today I was giving a talk at Peel District near Toronto and referenced this near

Congrats to Shelley Wright

I’m pleased to announce that Shelley Wright is the winner of the 21st Century Digital Classroom Challenge sponsored in part by Discovery Education. I can speak first hand to Shelley’s awesomeness having witnessed and participated in her journey into a tech infused classroom over the past 18 months. Her blog is one of the best reads of

The first podcast

So one of the things that Mr. Dembo and I have discussed is the idea of doing cool stuff. I’m not sure if this is cool but it was fast. So there you have it. It’s just Steve and I talking/rambling.We hope to make this a regular occurrence, introducing me and you to the some

You’re probably a Star and don’t even know it

Are you a Canadian? Does your school or district subscribe to Discovery Education? Then the fact that you’re reading this let’s me know that you’re likely a Star. Let me explain. Discovery Education is committed to helping teachers connect with one another. The way we do this is through the DEN or Discovery Educator Network.

Canadians in Florida

FETC is a conference that I’ve attended several times in the last decade. I’ve attended as a presenter and participant but 2012 was the first time as an Exhibitor. That was a bit strange. It was a great learning experience for me as I witnessed a wonderful DEN Pre-Conference Event led by Lodge McCammon and

Building the DEN in Canada

It’s been 2 weeks since I began my official role as Community Manager for the Canadian DEN. Needless to say my mind is spinning with possibilities and the vast opportunities that Discovery has for teachers. While I was previously aware of many of these, I’ve been bombarded with so much more as I learn about