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Calling the Curious

Calling the Curious

NASA’s sites are great resources for the classroom, and many are targeted for younger students.  But my favorite one is the Astronomy Picture of the Day,  For the truly curious among us, the APOD archive offers a chance to browse previous daily posts, finding topics of which we may not have even been aware. 

Discovery Education, Value Added!

 In honor of Black History month I always read an historical fiction diary written from the viewpoint of a slave child in 1857.  It is a very powerful book that emphasizes the importance of getting an education and the power it gives to an individual.  This power was the major reason why it was against is Outstanding!

“ is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need.” (quoted from website) I know this funding resource for educational projects has been shared on DEN blogs in the past, but I would like to share my recent experience with this organization.  In August, I created a project page

Outstanding PD with Teaching Channel

Every once in a while we have the opportunity to be a part of a new initiative. Here is your chance! Through my PLN I learned of a relatively new web resource for professional development and a platform for sharing best practices (Beta version launched in June). It is called Teaching Channel, a California Public

Fun things to do with Discovery Images

There are thousands of beautiful and powerful images on the Web for educational use, and some of the best are found on Discovery Streaming. These images are great for so many educational projects and presentations. Below are three ways to use images that may be new to you. 1. Zooburst- 3D Storybooks This web

Discovery Student Center Lights Up the Mind

The Discovery Student Center is an incredible tool for students, and it puts the power of digital media in the palms of their hands.  The only limit is your students’ imaginations.  Many Discovery Streaming users are aware of this fantastic resource, but I wanted to share how much my students love having their own accounts

Dynamic Presentations with PREZI

Do you need to create presentations from time to time? Would you like a new way to make PowerPoint-like slideshows that have a more dynamic look?  Well, then this post may be of interest to you.  Prezi is a very unique Web 2.0 presentation tool, and the best part of this relatively new tool is