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Palm Beach County

Check this out!  Palm Beach County School District has put together a technology conference for their teachers and 1600 have registered for this Saturday 4/29!  Wow!  I have the honor of joining them to help them continue to get better and better with the integration of technology using digital video and to encourage them to


Phew! One more week and our state contest will be coming to an end. (Officially ends May 7, 2006)Who’s going to be the winner of the district level prize? Who’s going to win the camera? The gigabyte usb drive? Who will be crowned the top unitedstreaming user in the state of Florida? One member teased

Interactive Training

Have you checked your status on the DEN site yet? If you haven’t logged into the DEN site yet, you are missing some great new FREE resources.  Because of the National Contest for uploading resources, they are coming in like crazy.  That’s what’s so amazing. All resources are there for you to share!  I know

Google Earth

I am currently in Harrisburg, PA for a East Coast Team Meeting. After a fun day of getting to know the team and planning some great projects for the year, we decided to take in a mini lesson. The lesson started at 9 PM, which proves our dedication to you!  Lance gave us a little

Resource Possibilities

This past weekend I enjoyed meeting teachers who are involved in CHILD. There I presented Digital Storytelling and met some fantastic people. Those looking for the presentation, you can find it here: Download giving_students_a_voice.pdf While at the conference I ran into a new DEN Member, Diane, from Putnam County. We talked about resources and what

I'm Dreaming of San Diego…….

Those of you who attended our Spring Training may remember Jannita Demian from California. She was the field manager that had enough energy for everyone in the room and really wanted to see an alligator while here. Jannita was a tremendous help to us for FETC and I am so excited that I get to

Earth Day

This morning I walked into a Star Bucks in Jacksonville for the smells and a nice ice cold Chai Tea Latte. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy my coffee shops for their other offerings. Anyway, on the door they had a sign for Earth Day events they will be sponsoring. This is


Dear DEN members, In this busy season when you have restless students and many more demands, why would you think about going to an inservice? Many teachers are finding webinars an unique way to relax and train at the same time. Discovery offers teachers who use unitedstreaming FREE webinars that can be done at any


What a great Good Friday! This has been a fantastic week! I heard from Putnam County trainers about sessions they completed this week, which have been posted to the calendar. Shelley Thompson did a fun session on Mining for Gems in unitedstreaming at Mellon Elementary. I spent Wednesday afternoon on a webinar with Matt Monjan