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Too cool

Too cool

Dear DENs, It never ceases to amaze me how much I’ve learned since I’ve joined the DEN. My previous supervisor, Cheryl Stepp and I always had a running joke that I was learning more than I ever wanted to know!  Now at Discovery, it’s become exponential. I’ve learned about blogs, wikis, furls (still don’t quite

Teacher Feature

Dear DEN members,  Thank you so much for checking out the Tuesday Tips. Fotini Guzman and Debbie Bohanan are the winners of the best Playlist idea! Fotini uses the optional description section of the playlist for internet links. It gives her quick access to sites without having to have two browsers open or another document.


Tuesday Tips  Now that FCAT is finished and Spring Break is over for most, I’d like to write you once a week with a Tuesday Tip.  We finally have a chance to be a little more creative than the rest of the year.  In fact, you know and I know that we NEED to be

Who's a Winner?

The answer: ANYONE who uses unitedstreaming in their curriculum! But Florida teachers and Discovery Educator Network Members have an extra shot at becoming a winner. At FETC at 9:15 am on Thursday Morning, Matt Monjan announced our first statewide contest. Lost your copy of the flyer? I’ve got one for you right here!  Download florida_challenge.doc

Fotini Guzman

I would like to introduce all of you to one of our most creative DEN members in Florida, Fotini Guzman.  Fotini teaches computer graphics and applications (K-5) at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Kissimmee, Florida. She did one of the most amazing unitedstreaming trainings I have ever seen.  She limited her training to ten participants

Cosmeo with Me

Have you heard of Cosmeo yet? Seen the commercials, like the one that aired during American Idol last week? Did you hear the buzz at the FETC conference? Obviously one such school has! Darlene Wolfe from Ocoee High School has been corresponding with Joel Jacobson to work out how Cosmeo can reach the Ocoee Students.They

FETC Guest Blogger

In honor of March Blogness Month I asked DEN members to be guest bloggers about our FETC Events. Here is Cheryl Woolwine’s Post. Cheryl is from Putnam County. SPRING TRAININGWow what a day – Wednesday, March 22, FETC Pre-conference Spring Training. Thanks so much to Danielle Abernethy and Karen Seddon, Florida DEN field managers that

What a hit!

The Discovery Educator Network’s FETC preconference unitedstreaming Spring Training at TECO was a hit!  No amount of planning, room decorating or list making can compare to the joy of an event full of happy teachers!  Over 80 educators and 15 Discovery Team members enjoyed a morning of training and and afternoon of sharing on unitedstreaming,

A Grand Slam!

What an experience! I truly believe from the comments I heard in the booths, through email, and on other blog posts that our first FETC pre-conference event was a Grand Slam! I haven’t had time to totally soak everything in since I drove to South Carolina to present at the Future Business Leaders of America


Are you feeling the heat? I’m starting to! First, we’re getting very warm for our first statewide event, our pre-conference at FETC. Our own version of Spring Training has our bases loaded with some hot sessions and VIPS. It all starts promptly at 9:30 am on March 22nd. If you are planning to ride the