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Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Before I was a field manager, I was a member of the Discovery Educator Network. As a member, I found out that Discovery really cared about who I was as an educator. The support was phenomenal! And they listened! I also made some great friends within my state and in Pennsylvania, Texas, California, and Georgia.

FETC Update

Are you interested in learning new ways to use unitedstreaming to meet your students’ needs and networking with other educators? If so, you have two opportunities! One is the pre-conference event, which we’ve been receiving quite a bit of RSVP’s for! It’s bound to be a hit! There is still some room, so make sure

Spring Training Update

On Wednesday I met some wonderful teachers and media specialists from Putnam County. We did an all day training on how to use unitedstreaming and how to integrate it into science. I only had two hours sleep before I got on the road, but their passion gave me fuel to do the training. For lunch


I probably should not be blogging right now. It’s 1:21 am and it has been a very long, but grand day. It’s been one of those days that just leaves you on fire and so energized, you can’t go to sleep. So here I am, about to share with you why I am not sleeping.

Make Their Day

At Neptune Middle School, the Apollo Team understands that using technology in the classroom really "makes their day," for the students. Tiffany Bonner, Michelle Brooks and Jaime Reynafarje, all DEN members in Florida were presented the Make Their Day award for the integration of technology in the classroom and enhancing their own technology expertise. These

Polk County

I came from South Carolina, from a school district that is half the size of Rhode Island. Sounds big to outsiders, and to the insiders, we felt at least medium with 15 schools. Now that I have been in Florida for awhile I realized I didn’t know what a big school district was! On Monday

Carol Gooden

Through the power of the Internet, I introduce you to one of our North Florida DEN members, Carol Gooden. Carol Y.L. Gooden:      Originally from Jamaica, I have the following academic qualifications: a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Brunswick, Canada; a Diploma in Education from the University of the West

Tech Bits

We hope that you know by now that the Discovery Educator Network is about sharing and caring for the "teachers in the trenches." One of our newest DEN members in Florida is a teacher who really gets it. Jonathan Meyers, Gifted and Technology Resource teacher at Horizon Middle School in Kissimmee, Florida has committed to

Spring Training at FETC

One of the great things about Florida is that Spring Training is hosted right here! (My son is excited about this because he thinks he will get to see all these games.) I love Spring Training because it gives the team a chance to build their relationship, plan how to play the game, and then

Inspire Me!

One of my favorite pieces of software is Inspiration, and I am absolutely thrilled to hear that Inspiration 8 has finally been released. 7.6 was a great version, but it gets better in 8. Now, instead of hyperlinking to a video, I can embed video and sound right into the diagram! I can embed Martin