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Blended virtual ecosystems

Blended virtual ecosystems

Wednesday marked a banner day for the DEN in SL with the Wednesday Workshop topic: A Blended Virtual Ecosystem: North Carolina Virtual Public School’s Great Discovery in Second Life. The presentation was fantastic, with Dr. Brian Setser (Innovator Quan – SL), of the North Carolina Virtual Public School guiding the audience through the journey the

You won't want to miss this!

Coming up on Wednesday, July 29, the DEN in SL will have special guest speakers, Dr. Bryan Setser, Chief Executive Officer of the North Carolina Virtual Public School, and Jennifer Nobles, who is the Modular Learning Specialist and Virtual Worlds Coordinator for the school. They will be presenting a workshop entitled: A Blended Virtual Ecosytem:

Big day for the DEN in SL

Wednesday, July 1, is a big day for the DEN in SL! First, there will be a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) session at NECC conducted by several team members from the DEN in SL Leadership Council. The session is completely full, but you can still participate in-world and show your support for educators in

It's a Wrap! Now we know whodunit!

The DEN in SL hosted a party Wednesday, June 17, to reveal who the culprit was in the missing motorcycle engine mystery. Several people gathered in the DEN lobby near the scene of the crime as we listened to police radio communications which indicated the cuprit was being followed to 2DP. Everyone excitedly awaited the

Just two days left . . .

That’s right – there are only two days left before the big reveal party at the DEN in SL headquarters (2DP), where we find out “whodunit” in the IDiscover Sleuthing game! A source close to the investigation has revealed that one SLeuth has already guessed the correct culprit! Could it be you? Have you not

Final Clue: IDiscover Sleuthing

When you are at 2DP tonight for the workshop, be sure to check out the last clue, found amongst the papers we started with, and look at the suspect dossier. We have narrowed the search down to twelve individuals who are the most suspicious. Put together all the clues, including the ones from Twitter (one

IDiscover Sleuthing Week 3

The search continues for the culprit at 2DP! Many people have submitted guesses, but are any of them right? We’ll find out on June 17 when the answer is revealed! In the meantime, Clue #3 is available and can be found in a room close to the stairs – I’m not going to tell you

The Adventure is About to Begin!

Actually, for three teachers and 12 students, an adventure has already begun! The Discovery Student Adventure pilot program to Australia has started. You can follow the blog HERE. For us Texans, the excitement is building for our representative, Linda Rush, and four students from the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, who will leave on their adventure

DEN in SL Sweeps the DENnys!

The Discovery Educator Network hosted its first-ever DENny awards on Tuesday, May 26. It was a night of recognition for DEN STARs from all over the country. Our very own DEN in SL Leadership Council members won several “real-life” awards, including Anne Truger and Lori Abrahams for being so helpful to everyone. In addition, Fred

Texas Wins at the DENnys!

Tonight was the first-ever DENny awards – given to outstanding STAR educators and Leadership Councils for outstanding commitment to the DEN. There were lots of great awards given out to so many deserving people! One of those people is our very own Leadership Council chair, Linda Rush. She was awarded a Leadership DENny for her