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Teaching Forensics

Teaching Forensics

The students have been begging me for a CSI-like class, so this fall I started teaching forensics.  I needed the students to become familiar with forensic science before we started analyzing a crime scene, so I made a PowerPoint embedded with resources from Streaming and DESC.  I plan on pulling other video clips and articles

Earth Day

Looking for some last minute resources for Earth Day on April 22nd?  I have the perfect solution!  Science Connection is full of videos, reading passages, and interactive activities to fill the day.   Click on the Earth and Space Science tab, then choose Weather and Climate, then Climate Change.  You have three avenues in which to

Science Olympiad

I am up to my neck in preparation for our regional Science Olympiad competition.  My students have been working their fingers to the bone to build a robot, balloon launch glider, egg transport vehicle, and a catapult.  They are also studying like crazy on topics like meteorology, oceanography, ecology, food science, astronomy, simple machines, anatomy

Polymer Pond Creatures

What do a balloon, a piece of paper, and a CD have in common? Each is made of repeating units that are so small we cannot see them without a microscope. Scientists call objects made of repeating units polymers. Polymers are usually very flexible and stretchable.  Our unit on polymers included making a human polymer