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Online Phonics Resources

While searching for phonics  resources online to supplement our district’s curriculum. Here are sites that I found. Some are interactive, some have pre-made printables, and some have a tool to create your own phonics printables. Cando’s Helper Page  Hard/Soft C and G sounds SEN Teacher (onset and rime) Phonicsworld Funfonix Tools for Educators Lanternfish: phonics

ARKive: Images of Life on Earth

While I was perusing Promethean Planet for lessons to use with my 2nd grade geography unit this site was within the search items. What an awesome resource! Just watching the introduction video by Sir David Attenborough gave me goosebumps. Watch it below.

Top 10 List of my One-to-One Computing classroom

It still really has not sunk in yet but I have a one-to-one computing classroom. When I checked into my room at the start of the year I found a laptop cart in there. Even though they are half as old as my students, most don’t hold any charge at all, and just able to

9-11 Resources On-Line

In gathering resources for my lessons on 9-11, these are some that I have come across. BrainPop’s September 11 page Teach+Learn: National 9/11 Memorial Scholastic’s 9/11 page History Channel has 3 pages: Ten Years Later: 9/11 Attacks, 102 Minutes that Changed America Discovery Education also has their page with links to resources: Rise: Reconnect &

Interactive Maps online

I am currently taking on on-line course; Michigan History for the 3rd Grade Teacher. One of activities has us critiquing 17th century French maps of the Great Lakes and more. Go here. You can zoom in and out and shift all over the maps. I did check out the Luna Commons site to see what

An Example use of

As most teachers do when summer starts I am taking a class. This one is on-line and uses Moodle and the group feature of Facebook as its platform. One of the tools used is the web 2.0 site Here is one mind map that I put together for an assignment on early Woodland culture.