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Taking Awesome Pictures – Workshop – Sunday

Taking Awesome Pictures – Workshop – Sunday

DATE: SUNDAY September 7, 2008 WORKSHOP:Wild and Wonderful Second Life Photos PRESENTER: Riptide Furse DESCRIPTION: This is not a beginners workshop. Meet right on time so you can be whisked away to a place to show off your SL picture-taking skills. During this time you will learn how to easily get the best colors and

Shark Week Raffle Ball Prizes

We have quite a bit going on for Shark Week. Our raffle ball is back! This time it is loaded with stuff. We have 5 different tshirts specially designed for the DEN in SL Shark Week event. Collect all 5. Remember the raffle ball goes off every 11 minutes and awards a random prize to

DEN Raffle NECC 2008

Congratulations to those of you who have participated in our DEN at NECC 2008 Raffle. We’ve given away almost L$500 in just two days and you still have another day of chances. Keep in mind that the more people that are there, the more money that can be won. The prize goes for each avatar

Inside Moodle – Cal Kjeller

This is a cross post from my personal blog AKA Riptide Furse with a bit more added. Cal did a great job last night. He has shared his slideshow with everyone at the following link Learning about Moodle WOW Cal Kjeller is doing a great job showing people Moodle at the Discovery Educator Network