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  The World of the Digital NativeThe 2008 Annual Educational Technology Conference at the Downtown Marriott in Des Moines this Sunday 10/19 -Tuesday 10/21. We are very fortunate to have two great keynote speakers, Hall Davidson and Alan November. If you are planning to go to the conference feel free to look at the conference program to


I have been recommending this site for a few teachers around the school lately who want their own websites. In the past we were using publisher because it was the only web developer tool we had already loaded on our computers.With Weebly you can build your own site, upload it to the web, host it

netTrekker d.i.

This online resource is an educational search tool that connects students and educators to more than 300,000 educator-approved web resources that support the complete K-12 curricula and the 21st century learning skills. Teachers will save time searching by finding just the right resource to differentiate instruction for their students with resources that are arranged by

gFlash+ and DE Streaming

For those of you who own an iPhone or iPod touch I am sure you are aware of all of the amazing application available for the two devices on the iTunes App store. I recently came across gFlash+, which is an app that allows you to create flash cards for both devices. If you haven’t

Iowa AEA Online

World Book Web – Free Webinars World Book will be offering free webinars during August, September and October on the World Book Web suite of products. The World Book Web products listed below are provided, via Iowa AEA Online, free to Iowa K-12 schools by Iowa AEAs: World Book Kids (preschool & middle school) World


 It was almost exactly one month ago Hall Davison from The Discovery Educator Network gave a presentation at the DEN LC Institute about the use of cell phones in the classroom. I learned a ton of really cool things you can do with a cell phone in the classroom. He then went on to say

Iowa Technology Education Connection

After I attended the DEN Leadership Conference this summer I realized how vital peer to peer connections are in the realm of growing technological “toys.” I would consider myself pretty knowledgable with up to date “toys” and software but in one week I realized how much I didn’t know. I then became more enthusiastic about

Cell Phones in the Classroom

On day two of the LC Institute we had a ton of great opportunities to tap into the brains of other tech savvy DEN members.I went to five sessions and learned about green screening with Adobe Premiere Elements, Professional Networking with Twitter and Plurk, and Blogging.Hall Davison also gave an excellent Keynote to start the day off with a presentation on using cell

DEN LC Institute

On day 1 at the LC institute we had the opportunity to meet other LC members and collaborate to make a video based off of the Discovery Channel commercial many of you may have seen. The commercial has all of your favorite Discovery personalities singing a song called, “Boom de ah da.”The above commercial is