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Propel Schools-2011 Spring Virtual LIVE session

Propel Schools-2011 Spring Virtual LIVE session

What a great day it was! The Spring Virtual live session at Propel Braddock Hills was an awesome event. In addition to the awesome sessions streaming virtually in the multipurpose room, we had sessions at the top of each hour. Here is a video that Matt Strine, Director of Technology Integration at Propel, created with

What else is there to do on April 30th?

  Do I want to: Build a playground at Propel East in Turtle Creek, PA?  Participate in a community cleanup in Braddock, PA? Participate in the 2011 DEN Virtual Conference in-person event at Propel Braddock Hills? Participate in Urban Dare in downtown Pittsburgh? Of course I have a decision or two to make.   I will

If you build it they will come…

     Many of you are probably thinking of that famous movie with Kevin Costner, but after thoughts of building a technology conference for teachers, many teachers came from all over the area.  What started as an idea after viewing a session at the PETE and C conference in Hershey two years  ago, has become an

OMG! My wife shaved her hair off!

How is that title for an attention getter?  Well, it is absolutely true.  My wife of 7 years shaved her beautiful brown hair off.  What was she thinking?  Mid-life crisis? A new look? Getting a motorcycle?( I wish!) Over the past 2 weeks I have been asked all of the questions I just posed to

What do teachers do when it snows?

What do tech-savvy teachers do when school is cancelled? A. Sleep in B. Catch up on emails C. Use their children as guinea pigs D. Try out new web tools E. ALL OF THE ABOVE I am taking a wild guess that many of you chose E. ( unless you don’t have children)  With the exception

Last call yall! ( Is that a word?)

The DEN SCIcon 2010 Virtual Conference is tomorrow!  If you will be joining the virtual sessions, I am sure that you will find tons of resources.  For those who will joining the live sessions, I am sure that there will be lots of great things shared all across the nation.  I wanted to share the wiki

Are you on the front page?

Yesterday, I got an email that was obviously a forward from a co-worker.  I can’t stand those forwards with the funny subject lines.  For some reason, I opened it.  I am so glad that I did, because the resource she shared was so exciting…totally up my alley. HERE IT IS! As a teacher, I

Propel Montour to host DEN SCIcon 2010

 What a great place to hold an event for Discovery Education…a school.  No room fees, no charge for Internet, and we even get to sit in those little chairs.  I was pretty pumped up when I found out that Propel Montour would be hosting this very unique virtual conference on January 9th. Even though it is

Meeting a Storm Chaser!

In my current position, or should I say positions(I wear many hats) I get to see a lot of exciting activities.  In addition to being the Director of Technology Integration for Propel Schools, I am the science coordinator.  I am the SOS or Specialist on Site.  I believe that this was due to my knowledge

How I became so SMART!

Over the past few years, interactive whiteboards have become more and more popular in schools around the world.  Many teachers are finding out how to effectively use this awesome resource while others are using them for glorified projector screens.  Maybe we need to reiterate that these are INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS…meaning that they are for interacting.  I