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Tech Brief w Justin – Sifteo

Tech Brief w Justin – Sifteo

Technology is constantly changing the way we view and interact with the world. Education is no exception to this new wave of change. Today I’m highlighting an innovative toy known as the Sifteo Cube. You might be wondering how can toys and education suddenly became interchangeable? It’s quite neat actually, let me give you a

Tech Brief w Justin- My Admin Snapshot View

Hello all! For those of you located on the east coast, I hope this winter weather hasn’t  adversely affected your learning time. Today I wanted to talk about the My Admin snapshot view within My DE. . So without further a due, lets dig in! To begin, this new feature requires account or site administrator 

Tech Brief w Justin- New My DE Courses!

To continue my series on site features, I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce our latest. When you log into your account, you may notice that your My DE site banner looks a little different. You’re not dreaming, but things did just get a whole lot better! We’ve just introduced five new self

Tech Brief w Justin (Bulk Import Part One)

Hello again, For the next few weeks in tech brief, I will be spotlighting tips surrounding our website features. This new series of posts will cover everything from MyAdmin to Techbook and more. Lets get started with the bulk import tool.For those of you who may be unfamiliar, bulk import allows users to upload mass

Tech Brief w Justin- Google Cardboard

Hello! Happy belated new year! For the first post of the new near, I wanted to jump into a lesser known (and surprisingly simple) technology developed by Google.  Google Cardboard was created to show the relative simplicity (and accessibility) of creating your very own virtual reality experience. Now I know what you may be thinking…cardboard?

Hi Discovery, meet Google [Tech Brief w Justin]

  The classroom as we know is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of traditional textbook learning. Students and teachers alike, must rapidly adapt to the relentless demands of our modern environment. Diminishing budgets and limited resources often create barriers that can inhibit this change. I want to talk about a few brief examples that

Tech Brief : Coding

Today’s topic touches on the scary….well maybe not so scary world of coding. I’ve been contemplating this topic for awhile and wanted to share a few resources that can help you get started. The Obama administration has taken some serious strides to promote STEM learning throughout all US schools. Part of this new focus involves

Tech Brief with Justin

Welcome back to tech brief! Within our vast network of schools utilizing our service, many users access Discovery Education using a protocol known as Single Sign On. Single Sign On was originally created to alleviate a term known as password fatigue, or too many passwords! To many of you, this may sound all too familiar.

Tech Brief w Justin

Greetings! It is an exciting time of year for Discovery Education and the Discovery family as a whole.  August 10 marks the official start of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week! There are plenty of exciting events lined up this year, but there is one particularly interesting feature that could draw plenty of buzz. The Woods Hole

Tech Brief with Justin

Tech Brief w Justin   Hello!   I hope everyone is enjoying their  last couple of weeks of summer break. In this weeks post I wanted to to highlight two of my favorite things, music and technology. The advent of personal computers has helped to redefine what was previously possible and changed the face of