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We Remember

Most Americans remember exactly where they were and the unfolding of events on that clear September morning 11 years ago.  Living in the DC metropolitan area, the impact of the day could not be ignored as the airspace where passenger jets flew by every day without much notice on my part were replaced by fighter

Not Your Typical Work Place

For a lot of people, a day at the office usually entails 8 or so hours of sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen.  (TPS reports, anyone?)  While I admit to spending more than my fair share of time yelling at my laptop, I’ve also had a lot of opportunities here at Discovery to stretch

And the Winners Are…

So, I’m not afraid to admit it–I’m a pretty competitive person.  When I was in school, I always liked contests and prizes  (Ok, I still do).  Sometimes the activities would be so much fun that we wouldn’t even realize that we were learning.  Now I like to translate that competitive spirit to my employees (and

Tune In — streamathon 2011 coming September 14th

  The 6th annual streamathon is right around the corner on September 14th.  Have a look at all the great events on the schedule and register at today. What’s a streamathon you ask?  Try 11 straight hours of tips, tricks and information-packed webinar sessions to bring you to the head of the class when it

Tune In — 9.11 Rise, Reconnect and Remember

Discovery Education, in partnership with Tribute WTC Visitor Center, is proud to engage students with exclusive curricular content, digital lesson plans and live webcasts in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001. Discovery Education will host four events in cities closely affected by the events of that day. We invite you to register

Discover Your Impact (June 17, 2011)

What type of impact can you have on your local community?  Customer Ops employees had an opportunity to find out as we joined over 3000 Discovery employees internationally who participated in the second annual “Discover Your Impact Day” and volunteered at numerous projects local to their respective offices. I caught up with about 100 of