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Science Upclose

When I am not thinking about teaching and using technology, I am engaged in some fiber activity – spinning, weaving, or holding my angora bunnies. But until recently I never brought this part of me into the classroom. Last year I wrote a proposal for donors choose to get cardboard looms and a silkworm farm

Money, money…

For the past two years, I have had the fortune to be able to integrate more technology into my classroom through grants. One little known grant available to Wisconsin educators is the WEMTA technology grant. The deadline is approaching quickly – the last Friday in January. This grant has helped me to fund the expansion

Write Me Another Story

Over winter vacation while reading one of my favorite blogs – Mind/Shift I learned about a really amazing story writing app with the power to design beautiful student created images or uploading other images. Scribble Press is a free iPad app that gives children the tool to create wonderful stories that they can share by

Discovery and Tagxedo

So here is a little fun using Discovery Encyclopedia articles and the wonderful word cloud creator Tagxedo. Step 1: Find a resource from DE and encyclopedia Step 2: Copy and paste part of the article into Tagxedo Step 3: Choose a shape and edit the words Step 4: Choose the colors and share ________________________________________________________________________ Citation