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It's a Wrap – Going Green 102: Green Schools

It's a Wrap – Going Green 102: Green Schools

  It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon at the DEN in SL garden. We sat around a campfire on haystacks and listened to Faythe Fouroux (aka Melanie Ruiz) give an informative presentation on how we as educators, can be role models for helping to reduce our carbon footprint and help create green classrooms and schools.

It's a Wrap! Shark Trivia!

The competition was tough, some of the questions were very difficult, but fun was had by all. Lots of lindens were given away for correct answers about sharks.  Vita was the big winner answering some scientific questions as well as ones about sharks in movies and television shows.  It was a great end to Shark

It's a Wrap! Streaming with SMARTboards!

    Tonight over 30 people were dazzled by presenter Lyndsay Rhiano (SL), Lynn Reedy (RL), an Exemplar SMARTboard trainer,  as she shared ways to integrate DE streaming with the SMARTboard to engage student learning.  After a just in time tutorial on how to set preferences to view video in SL,  we watched a video

It's a Wrap – Newbie 101 July 16, 2008

The DEN is SL welcomed more than 17 educators to Second life on Wed at our Newbie 101 session.  Lead by JessieMarie Flannagan these new avatars were lead through the basics of communicating and navigation in SL.  We explored the menus, how to set preferences, very basic organization tips for Inventory and helped them join