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“When will we learn this…whenever you want to?”

“When will we learn this…whenever you want to?”

Posted on behalf of Steven Gerhard – Director of Professional Development, Discovery Education. “When will we learn this?” asked a group of teachers at the beginning of a professional development session as they pointed to the screens of their computers. The professional development facilitator for the session responded with a simple, “Yes that is part

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 12-17-2012

This week I highlight nine gifts from the DEN Community including videos, resources, lesson plans and more. I also explore a free mobile app for notetaking and list the new year’s upcoming webinars. Thank you to Lindsay Hopkin’s for your QR Code and Using Twitter To Summarize activities.  Thank you Nancy Sharoff for your Beat the

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 11-19-2012

Happy almost Turkey Day! ‘Tis The Season to Share and be Thankful. As I think about and reflect about things that I am thankful for within Discovery Education, I have to say that the ability to share and support others with the My Content, My School, My District, Quicklists, and MediaShare tools have to be at

Matt’s Media Tips 11-13-2012

When I was growing up math was the one subject that could always make me break out into a panic induced sweat.  I learned math through rote and repetition and struggled to find the relevance.  I used to be petrified of the day when my son or daughter asked me to help them with their

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 11-5-2012

During this week we’ll explore how the Discovery Education Interactive Calendar is being used in new and unique ways to capture students’ imaginations and engage them in different ways.  I’ll share stories from around the country.  We’ll also exclore a free interactive timeline tool and mobile app as well as list a whole host of

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 10-29-2012

Even a hurricane can not delay this edition of Matt’s Tips and Tricks!  We’re hunkering down here in the DC area but I was able to get this edition out to you today (while we still had power).  With Halloween just around the corner, and Hurricane Sandy threatening to knock on our door in MD,

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 10-22-2012

We all know and recognize that the students in our classrooms are wired (literally) differently than us.  They want to engage and interact with the content that they are learning.  They also multi-task and absorb information through a myriad of devices and inputs at the same time.  With that in mind we are going to

Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 10-15-2012

Join me for his is part two of the Digital Decoder series. Within this edition we’ll explore how to use Discovery Education and six other digital resources to help students predict what they will be reading, re-state what they’ve just read, and make connections to the text that they are reading.  We’ll also explore a free

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 10-8-2012 Digital Resources to Assist Decoding Text

This is edition is part one of a two part series that explores how to incorporate digital resources into six reading strategies. Please share with your team, peers, and staff. This week we’ll explore how four dynomite digital resources complement three reading strategies (Breaking down the sounds – Phonemes, Chunking unfamiliar sounds and words and