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Getting Quizzy With It – Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 10-1-2012

Getting Quizzy With It – Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 10-1-2012

This week we’ll explore how to use the Discovery Education Quiz Builder.  We’ll  also look at how you can embed Web 2.0 code into the Quiz Builder and share some best practices when building a DE Quiz.  Finally we’ll check out  a fun and engaging mobile app called Stack the States.  Please enjoy and share. Direct

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 9-24-2012

Wow – Monday almost got away from me!  This week we’ll explore five fantastic free resources from Discovery Education and its partners.  I also provide a link to a whole lot more (thanks to @ktschutt)!  We’ll also explore Sketch Nation Studio which is a very simple, intuitive and fun free app that can turn your

Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 9-17

This week we’ll explore how to download closed captioned files using the new interface. I also provide links that show ou how to manipulate the Closed Captioned text on both a PC and Mac. We’ll also examine a cool app that links to many more cool free education apps! Finally, in this edition, I provide

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 9-10-2012

This week we’ll explore the  new content surrounding the 2012 Presidential Campaign that has been added to Discovery Education.   Naturally, I wanted to see how we could extend this theme so I chose to evaluate three different sites that help you build infographics.  To bring it full circle – I show you how to take

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 9-4-2012

I hope you enjoyed the last bit of a summer break.  The close of the long weekend brings us to the beginning of our new week.  And it wouldn’t be a new week without Matt’s Tips and Tricks right? This week we’ll explore the new closed captioning functionality within Discovery Education.  I provide step-by-step instructions,

The Monjan Index

Every once and a while our VP of product Development checks in with me to get a sense of how educators from around the country are reacting to the features and functionality within Discovery Education. He calls this the survey “The Monjan Index.”   I feel like I have a pretty good pulse on our

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 7-19

This week I’ll review the newly enhanced Discovery Education features and functionality.  Get a sneak peek and go behind the scenes to see what you’ll have access to when you go back to school in the fall. I also highlight a special Back-to-School webinar series starting August 8, 2012! Open publication – Free publishing –

Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 5-21

This week we’ll check out the who, what, when, where and why of Digital Storytelling.  We’ll link to a presentation that includes web 2.0 tools and mobile apps for delivering stories, and of course, we’ll highlight this week’s webinars. I hope you enjoy and share this week’s edition!   Open publication – Free publishing –