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3M Loves Teachers!

3M Loves Teachers!

Click the link below, or the picture above, to visit the website and see all of the information that they have to offer teachers, parents, and students to keep them engaged in the study of science. Study the science of everyday life, visit innovations HQ, or work through a virtual lab on wind energy. There

MOOCs the Gateway to Free Online Learning

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. Now you can attend courses at top universities for free by signing up for a MOOC. Learn about a topic of interest in a variety of subject areas, or take professional development courses. Provide low risk higher education experiences for students by introducing them to MOOC courses. They

Get Ready for Next School Year with!

Use the free tools at to help you randomly pick students to call on, create interactive activities to use with your whiteboard, and engage students with an abundance of interactive learning tools. Students can make fake social media pages for historical figures , scientific elements, or any other creative educational use you and your

Great Uses for Google Voice at School!

Google Voice is a great technology tool to use at school! I use Google Voice to have one central number that students, parents, other teachers, and school personnel can have for me. If I want my private numbers to remain private, or don’t want to have to update my phone number with everyone when it

Make Science Fun!

Watch Tyler DeWitt on TED talk about making high school science fun. A couple of great ideas for the high school science classroom: 1. Remember that biology is all about reproduction (sex), relationships, drugs, and food. These are things that are interesting to middle and high school students, and if associated with biology, are

Free Interactive Whiteboard

Don’t have an interactive whiteboard, but want to use this technology with your students? Get Scribblar! is a free interactive whiteboard that allows students to collaborate in real time. It is an excellent tool to use to flip your classroom. I use it to upload articles, like the ones available from Discovery Education, to