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Virginia Educational Technology Conference

Just as I was ready to write  a note about this year’s  NCETC, I discover I must be the last person in NC to hear it has been canceled. While still recovering from the news, I had an email from NCDPI with news for all of us looking for an alternative technology  road trip. The Virginia Educational Technology Conference is

World Digital Library

With testing over for most of us and summer just around the corner – it always helps to have a special activity or project tucked away. How about a new resource for that special project? The World Digital Library is a new collection of primary resources of historical significance. Students can develop cultural understanding through

Check Out PrimaryAccess

I know you all have had the experience of discovering an interesting web link that leads to another link that leads… well, before you know it you’ve spent several hours and unearthed all sorts of resources you can’t wait to use.  My latest copy of Infinite Thinking Machine arrived Friday with that kind of link.

Winter Wonderland

Well, the shopping is over, the decorations are packed up and waiting for next year, and I have some time finally to enjoy a few minutes at the computer. I wanted to find something to spice up a snow globe drawing project for our younger students.  You know, it’s nice to come back after the

NCETC – What a great week!

What a great week at NCETC! From the opening keynote speaker to the closing luncheon, it was an overwhelming flood of resources and opportunities for those of us who value instructional technology. The focus this year was Unlocking the Power of Technology in 21st Century Schools and the conference certainly fulfilled that promise. I wish

It's Time for NCETC !!!

It’s my favorite time of year again – the leaves are turning, the air is crisp and – it’s time for NCETC!! This year’s theme is “Unlocking the Power of Technology in 21st Century Schools!” For anyone new to technology education in this area, the North Carolina Educational Technology Conference  has been an outstanding conference for educators for 21