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Recognizing Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s DEN STARs

Recognizing Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s DEN STARs

At Discovery Education, we believe in connecting educators to their most valuable resource, which is each other.  One way of achieving this is through the DEN. A global community of education professionals that are passionate about transforming the learning experience with digital media, the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) connects members across town and around the

Welcome Idaho DEN members

Discovery Education is excited to have provided multiple opportunities for Idaho educators to participate in professional development this past Fall.  I’m sure many of you have begun to use some of the information and practices in your classrooms already. Because every educator in Idaho is now a subscriber of Discovery Education, you are all members

Flipping the classroom

Two Science teachers wrote a piece for eSchool News on the flipped classroom.  You can read the article HERE, titled The Truth About Flipped Learning.  Several assumptions and misconceptions about flipped learning are identified. In recent months, a lot of attention has been paid to flipping the classroom.  Thanks largely due to Sal Khan and

Were you trained in data and assessment?

I’d like to think I’m pretty darn smart, particularly when I was having a conversation with a colleague and a couple of days later the Huffington Post covers a story on that very topic!  Maybe great minds think alike? The topic – are teacher credential programs preparing teachers for the type of work that is

The Benefits of Recess

There was an article in today’s Huffington Post regarding the positive benefits of recess for Black and Latino students.  You can read the article HERE.  Being a former elementary school teacher, I recall that recess could have positive and negative benefits.  I certainly appreciated my students being able to run around and “burn off some

Colorado Day of Discovery

Saturday, April 14, 2012 nearly 150 educators gathered in Aurora, CO for a Day of Discovery.  Not sure what a Day of Discovery is?  It’s a day of professional development, networking, learning and fun — all centered around Discovery Education! This day was hosted at Vista PEAK Preparatory School, which is a new building in

Colorado in Springtime

I’ve been to Colorado several times over the years.  And over the next few months I will be there even more!  Before June, I think I will touch all four corners of the state!  From what I recall, Colorado weather in the spring can be tricky.  The calendar says it’s springtime, but you never know