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Calendar of Cool: First Open-Heart Surgery

Calendar of Cool: First Open-Heart Surgery

This Wednesday, July 9, marks the 121st anniversary of the first open-heart surgery. A man with a knife in his chest was brought to Dr. Daniel Hale Williams at Provident Hospital in Chicago. Using no anesthesia, Dr. Williams removed the knife and repaired the heart of the patient, who lived for years after the procedure.

Calendar of Cool: First National Braille Challenge

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the first-ever National Braille Challenge. The National Braille Challenge is a unique academic competition created to encourage blind children to learn Braille, the written alphabet used by the blind. The competition tests students’ skills in various language arts subjects, and is open to students from the U.S. and Canada.

Calendar of Cool: False Teeth Patented

On June 9, 1822, the first patent for false teeth was given to Charles Graham of New York. Before modern dentistry, rotten teeth were much more common –fluoride mouthwash really DOES make a difference!  Since dental drills and fillings weren’t available, and an infected tooth could lead to serious illness or even death, rotting teeth

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Hi! This is Becky, one of the newest members of the Cache and Cookies blog team. Starting next week I’ll be bringing you the Calendar of Cool, which will detail something  interesting, significant, or just plain cool from history or the modern day. This week, however, I wanted to talk about something that has existed