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PETE&C Day of Discovery Pre-Con is Awesome!

PETE&C Day of Discovery Pre-Con is Awesome!

Taking a new twist on the day, the pre-conference was divided into sessions in the morning, an app slam at lunch and unconference in the afternoon. This was well received by the attendees, many of whom had never participated in an unconference before. Sessions included an augmented reality discussion about the following apps: Aurasma, iFunFace, Imag-n-o-tron,

iPads Here We Come!

Since last spring our district, Unionville-Chadds Ford, has been exploring BYOD vs. iPads in the classroom. We have debated different tablets, netbooks, and laptops, but have finally settled on using iPads in the middle school. This was a long debate and discussion with over 25 people involved. Recently our administrative team from district office and building visited

What is in YOUR bag of Tech Tricks?

Recently I read  some great posts on Tony Vincent’s webpage “Learning in Hand“. As I continued to click to different links it lead me to other pages and blogs he has created over the years. The post that struck me was his writing about what tech he uses and which devices he finds the most

Free Student Handouts

Most people are set for the first month of school. Review of material, setting the climate of the class and reminder of your rules. Here is a site, Student Handouts, that offers handouts, lesson ideas and more for most subjects and includes K-12. I thought it would be just a few black line masters, but

Free History Poster

Teaching History is giving away a poster for teachers. This colorful Historical Thinking Poster illustrates use of primary and secondary sources as if you are solving a mystery. This poster also includes questions students should ask when reading primary source documents. Tips for locating reliable secondary sources are also included in the double-sided poster. There

Back to School Specials

Image by mtsofan via Flickr While looking for some tutorials for Google, I noticed quite a few links to some great teaching information. The first one is for back to school discounts and specials for teachers from many stores. Watch your local paper for other deals and specials from Target as well. There are thousands

Links to the Past DENLC2010

Image by Ludwig Gatzke via Flickr There were so many links shared at the DEN Symposium, that I want to be sure that you have them too! Most of these are found from within the group as well, but I found it easier to see them in this format. – to create a

Busy Day at DENLC UnConference

Image by rmom352 via Flickr Today was filled with unconference sessions set by request of the participants. There were 24 different sessions offered in 4 time slots. My day began with geocaching in the rain with Porter Palmer. She confessed to being new to geocaching, but has a great depth of knowledge and enthusiasm about