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Tom Barrett's Creative Ways To Use….

Tom Barrett's Creative Ways To Use….

Wikis can be used for many things by different people. Even with the limited editing tools, there is enough available to create some online content for any purpose. There is a blog post on the site that offers 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom. When you are finished

Self Reflection or Just Fun

If you have not created a cartoon animation of yourself as an elf, Santa or trekker, then here is your chance. Make a fun avatar for use on your website or send an e-card to a family member. These are fun, but check them out completely before using with students. Some sites contain partial nudity

A Collection of Goodies

Image by happy via via Flickr A recent podcast by The Tech Chicks, recommended several great and FREE links/sites/applications. Be sure to visit their site and enjoy these teaching resources: Math Posters TakingITGlobal – social network for student to take a stand for their environment. Kewl Grader – just like that little wheel you have

Digital By the Numbers

Did you know that 54% of 8-12 year olds will have cell phones by 2012? That is only 3 short years away! Over 148 million households will own video game consoles with Internet connections by 2012. In addition, 20 million Wii units have been sold worldwide in just 31 months and 300 million colleges and

Teacher Day at Staples

Today, August 22, 2009 was teacher day at Staples in Kennett Square, PA. Meg Basilio and Robin Martin set up a DiscoveryEducation table along with several other vendors to showcase the DEN. I was baffled by how many teachers did NOT even know about DiscoveryEducation Streaming! The most common teacher that visited with us today

Remember When?

The start of a new school reminds me to reflect upon experiences as a youngster. This year the kindergarten class is the class of 2022! There are many things these students will not get to experience because they are no longer in existence. From Wired magazine, here is a partial list of 100 things. The

Do You Have The Time?

Last year I was looking for a decent time-line program that was web based and came up with a few, but difficult options. This year there are several new winners in this field. The first one I want to share is . This worked as a nice alternative to the current presentation programs such

More and Muir Ways to Being Green by Lance

10 things you can do to become a GREENER Teacher instead of, black background on the search page. Blackle also has games. Does Blackle really save energy? Green resources from DiscoveryStreaming. There is a documentary about the tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is how the town rebuilt with