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Getting Funny with Brad Fountain

Getting Funny with Brad Fountain

Learning at the DEN Symposium is non-stop. Today we had many choices of workshops and this one with Bran Fountain delivered many new ideas for use in the classroom. You can use the funnies or comics for a timeline, historical figures, instructions, dialogue punctuation, character analysis, plot analysis, storytelling, pre-writing tool, post-reading tool, and teaching

MediaShare – A Place to Get Organized

Coming Soon!  Media Share at the DiscoveryEducation will be found through the Educator Resources tab. MediaShare is a digital media management server;  a place to organize internal documents, files, forms, a publishing platform, internal memos, and/or presentations. This would be nice for presentations and workshops so that all pieces are bundled together on one page

Part II – Video Links

If you have not had the opportunity to read the latest copy of the ISTE journal Learning and Leading with Technology, visit Part I of this blog posting about video in the classroom. Not sure were to start for resources? Definitely begin your search in the Discovery-Education Streaming catalog, BUT look for something quirky! Why

YouTube Beats the Networks?

Did you know: “From 1948 to 2008 NBC, ABC, CBS broadcast more than one million hours of programming. In the past 6 months, individuals posted more than a million hours of original video on YouTube alone-more than the networks broadcast in the previous 60 years combined” The above quote from ISTE magazine Learning & Leading

Greetings Everyone!

Greetings everyone I would like to introduce myself to the PA Blog readers. I am Robin Martin and am joining RJ Stangherlin in updating the PA DEN blog. This seems like a tough act since it was just a DENny Award winner! I have been in teaching for 33 years including time as a health