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Discovery Images Help Teach Students to Make Inferences

Discovery Images Help Teach Students to Make Inferences

What biome might this be? Who committed the crime in this mystery novel? What can you infer about this era in history from the artifacts found at an archeological dig? These are just a few of the ways in which the ability to infer is important in school. As a firm believer in using visual

DEN Stars Shine at MassCUE

Every year the Massachusetts Computer-Using Educators (MassCUE) conference provides many opportunities for learning and sharing among innovative, committed teachers, administrators, and technology specialists. This year was no exception! DEN Stars and Leadership Council members contributed to the conference’s success at every level. Joanne Najarian, MassCUE Board Member and DEN Star chaired the entire successful conference.

Anything to Help Teach Reading?

“There is nothing here to help me teach reading,” lamented a woman at a recent Discovery Education Day of Discovery in Connecticut. She said this to me after learning that I am a middle school reading specialist and very excited about Discovery resources. She taught struggling high school readers. While I empathize with this woman

Did you ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder if llamas really spit? How about what are ten strange holidays? Wonderopolis is a web site sponsored by Thinkfinity that poses questions like this accompanied by a picture or video and then text that answers the question. This would be a great way to add some novelty into a lesson, stimulate

Welcome to a new Massachusetts DEN Star

At the recent New England Day of Discovery, I briefly met Greg Limperis from Lawrence. He has a lot to offer the DEN community, so I was thrilled to learn that he became a DEN Star. Thank you, Greg, for sharing a little about yourself, your experiences, and your interests. Greg writes: My name is

TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing

TED-Ed has developed an idea to recognize great educators by helping them share their lessons with the rest of their world! The educators and their lessons will be paired with equally talented animators to create “curiosity-igniting videos.” At this point, TED-Ed is looking for nominations for educators, lessons, and animators to begin the project. Watch

Everloop: “Facebook” for the Tween Generation

Everloop is designed to provide a safe environment for tweens to become a part of a social network. They can connect with friends, loop together based on interests, play games, and even play a prank by virtually “tp-ing” a friend. Everloop allows tweens to be involved without exposing them to some of the risks that

Inching the Door Open

A recent blog entry on the Teaching Channel caught my interest. It was titled, “The Detriment of Teacher Isolation.” I have never considered myself an isolated teacher. I do spend a lot of time in my classroom with the door closed; however, I don’t feel isolated. Hallway discussions, conversations with colleagues, and great resources like

The Joy of Sharing

The internet and professional learning networks have opened up so many wonderful avenues for sharing and teachers learning from each other. I am constantly amazed at how willingly teachers share ideas and lesson plans with each other as well as offer help and support to solve problems. Some of my favorite sites to go to