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Now that we’ve had our first Summit…

Now that we’ve had our first Summit…

Now that our first Educator Summit is over, I’m curious about what our First Class of Educators in the Network are thinking.  We had a lot of discussions over the week about the Discovery Educator Network can be, but now that we’ve returned to our respective homes and have had some time to think –let

Prensky: ‘Engage Me or Enrage Me’

I attended an interesting keynote luncheon at NECC this afternoon by Marc Prensky, author of Digital Game-Based Learning.  In the session, Prensky made some interesting points about how today’s kids learn. As ‘digital natives’ – today’s kids have never really known life without computers and live with constant sensory stimulation through iPods, cell phones, remotes,

The Diversity of our Students

Last night, Chris Marshall (a middle school teacher from Texas) and I went for a bite to eat after a long day of NECC conferencing. While we discussed many things (including the art of grilling) our conversation ended with a discussion on students and their diversity. Lately, more and more emphasis has been placed on

What an amazing opportunity

What an amazing opportunity we have before us!  We have the opportunity to recognize teachers for what most take for granted every day – the opportunity to provide forums where educators can share and collaborate with other amazing educators from across the country.  And, if we’re lucky, the opportunity to provide teachers with resources, ideas

About Us

Coni Rechner I have been with Discovery Education since 1993 and have specialized in the K-12 education, prevention and public health markets during that time. My favorite teacher was Mrs Fahrenkrug, my 8th grade math teacher. She inspired my love of numbers by making math exciting and engaging while challenging me to always do my

Welcome to the Discovery Educator Network Blog

Summer is the perfect time to start new adventures. To dive into a lake you’ve never visited or wade into the ocean for the first time certainly can be a new adventure for any kid or adult. That’s what we’re doing here this summer: wading into the waters of community-building by launching the Discovery Educator