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Greetings from storm ravaged Connecticut where the Halloween Nor’easter still has many folks living without power.  However with the openning of my school district I now have reliable access to wifi and wanted to share these pictures of the CT Day of Discovery CECA/CASAL Pre-Conference  event from last weekend. Many thanks to all who attended

Discovery SCicon in CT

SCIcon in CT was so much fun. A small but enthusiastic crew gathered at EASTCONN in Willimantic to enjoy the day.  For me it was a a day of “ah-ha” moments as the presenters shared their tips and tricks. One quick picture here and a link to a few more on Flickr.

Snow Day Reading

Well it is snowing outside. It has been for over 16 hours, very hard. While the rest of Connecticut is grabbing its shovels to start digging out, we in the northeast corner wait for the storm’s  the last bands of heavy snow to finish dumping and head up the Mass Pike.  Good luck my northern

The “Best Of” Time of Year

As evidenced by several posts in the DEN Blog Network this is the time of year for reflection on things past, and musing on things going forward.  INMHO nobody does this better than the multi-award winning educational blogger Larry Ferlazzo. Larry’s voluminous tweets and blog posts are always worth a read and follow, but there

Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta

Internet Explorer 9 had its debut as a public beta (for Windows OS) last week. The reviews have been generally positive, even though it is not available for Windows XP, only Vista or Windows 7 (and really they want you to be on Windows 7) . Windows guru Paul Thurrott had good things to say

The $35 Dollar Tablet?

One of the great things about summer is that you have more time to spend with newspapers and other paper media. So it was last Saturday when while enjoying a second cup of coffee that I ran into the article in about India’s announcement of a prototype tablet computer that they believe will market for

ISTE 2010 – Tuesday

To pick up where Howard left off, ISTE 2010, is an amazing source of inspiration and rejuvenation. It is absolutely huge. There are 14,000 people attending. The conference site is so big that there are internal “bus stops” where an oversize electric golf cart will move you from one area to another if you are