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Google Labs – New Map Tool: Drag 'n Zoom

Google Labs – New Map Tool: Drag 'n Zoom

When you use your Google tools, have you turned on Google Labs? Google Labs is the place within the Google-verse where experimental features for Google products are put out for trial by users.  Google Labs provides a centralized location where you can looks at dozens and dozens of new ideas that Google engineers are playing

GeoGebra – Open Source Math Tool

Some folks via Twitter passed along a link to an open source multi-platform math tool called GeoGebra that could serve as a free alternative to Geometer Sketchpad. GeGebra is supported by an active wiki based user community  that offers support and sharing of educational materials from an international pool of educators using the program.

YouTube Goes Disco

  Are you a Pandora user? I am an early adopter of this Internet music service and even as they have gone through their growing pains, royalty fights, and now their drop in ads and 40 hours per month free / premium model, I continue to be a big fan. If you are not familiar,

Digital Nation on PBS

PBS’s Frontline premiers “Digtal Nation” tomorrow night on its broadcast stations. The program and some great additional resources are available on the companion website. It promises to be a provocative look at our always on, always wired world. Check it out on air, or online! Many thanks to the wonderful Nancy Hovorka for forwarding the

Backing Up Your Cloud

Have you made the move to the cloud? Is your email up on Google? Are your pictures up on Flickr? Are your most important thoughts on Blogger or Word Press? Have you ever considered what would happen to that data if the service you were using went under, gets gobbled up by a competitor, has

Signs of the Times

Three  items that crashed like waves on my virtual shore and just made me go, hmmm…. Laredo, Texas Becomes a City of 250,00 With No Bookstore Vicar Gives Blessing to Electronic Gadgets and OMG! Des Moines Teen is US Texting Queen, Heads to World Championship