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DEN Techformation: Jing by Jessica Donaldson

Posted for Jessica Donaldson * Flipped learning is a trend in education that is becoming a popular way to address the increasing needs of diverse learners. One component of flipped learning is the creation of content or tutorial videos, a component that leaves many educators feeling intimidated and hesitant to take the plunge. But video production

DEN Techformation: Google Apps

Google Apps it’s more then just Google Docs with a catchy slogan.  It’s real power is in the App Marketplace.  There are 90 apps just listed under the EDU category alone and most of them are free.  Just click on the App Marketplace link or search google for App Marketplace and you will get to

DEN Techformation: Two Months Old

It has been two months since the birth of  Techfomation. We have had lots of great posts. We learned about WeVideo, Discovery and iPads , Haiku Deck, Evernote, Weebly, Mindjet, Twitter and Education, and Powtoon. It has been great but we are not even close to done yet!  We have scheduled post on EasyBib, Google Apps, Smore, Sock

Back-channel with Discovery Video and CoverItLive

I just found out about a free resource that I think would go great with a Discovery video. is a live blogging site.  Live blogging is where comments are posted to a blog while an event is going on.  It is used to cover sporting events, speeches and other news worthy events.  However never let

DEN Techformation:Mindjet

Post by Jessica Donaldson Collaborating on large projects can be difficult. Tracking conversations for follow-up, sharing resources, and assigning deadlines are critical components of a collaborative project, but ensuring everyone is communicating and getting consistent information isn’t an easy task…until now. Mindjet [] was created with true collaboration in mind. Whether you are writing curriculum

Say Not in Grief: When a student leaves us.

It is with a sad heart that I write this post. Last night a brave and strong student died from a long battle with illness.  Robert was one of the strongest people I have ever met.  Over his two year battle he never once said I can’t do that with respect to anything.  Robert continued