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Smart Board Tips

I have been teaching with a Smart board for 8 years now and have gathered some tips. I use SMART brand boards; however I am sure these tips are similar for most brands. There is a great tool that will snap a picture of the screen and put it into the note book program. It

Fifty Two Fist

Fifty two fist is a formative assessment tool I use.  It began as a way to  resolve an issue I was having with the mystery of the raised hand. I prefer students to raise their hand in my class when responding or asking a question. A raised hand, however, is not very informative. Imagine you

Why is google not spelled googol (the correct spelling)

As Larry Page, the co-founder of narrates: “Lucas Pereira: ‘You idiots, you spelled [Googol] wrong!’ But this was good, because was available and was not. Now most people spell ‘Googol’ ‘Google’, so it worked out OK in the end.” or according to Google corp. 1999: ” 10^100 (a gigantic number) is a