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#DENChat 8: Let Their Passions Shine

Last week Paula Naugle led the #DENChat in a wonderful conversation about how teachers are igniting the passion for learning in their students.  In an age where we are bombarded with reports of how testing is stifling teaching, teachers are still finding ways to let their kids passions shine through. You can read through the

#DENChat Number 7

Last Thursday, dozens of educators met on Twitter to discuss favorite lesson plans, unit plans, and activities with Cate Beck.  The conversations in #DENChat are always fast-paced and informative, and this session was no different. You can find the archive for our 7th installment of #DENChat at this link.  (Thanks, Lisa Parisi!) This Thursday, April

More Updates on the Knoxville Virtual Conference

We’re getting close now!  This Saturday, April 20th, is the Spring Virtual Conference for Discovery.  There are lots of great Live Stream feeds planned for the day.  And, there are also dozens of local events being hosted across the country as educators come together to share their knowledge and experience and learn together.  Knoxville is

#DENChat 6 Is Archived

Did you miss our 6th installment of #DENChat?  I know I did.  Work got in the way.  And then the weather.  And, well, I couldn’t get online for the chat.  Every week I hear from someone who, like me last week, didn’t make it.  That’s why there is an archive. These are important conversations among

Spring VirtCon: Important Announcement for TN

We are one week away from one of the most exciting and productive professional development events available to teachers each year: The DEN Spring Virtual Conference!  Sessions will be broadcast all day over LiveStream.  In addition, there are dozens of locations across the US where teachers are gathering together to watch all or part of

#DENChat Number 5 is Archived!

Wow! It seems like just a month ago we started the whole #DENChat ball rolling!  Our fifth weekly chat is in the books.  Kelly Hines did a great job offering questions related to Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). In the chat you will find information about how teachers are gathering members for their PLN, how they

#DENChat 4 Archived

Last Thursday the DEN once again met on Twitter at 8 PM ET for #DENChat Number Four!   Paula Naugle led us in a discussion of how teachers are connecting their classrooms.  The ways this is being done are nearly as many as their are DEN members! Looking through the archive put together by Lisa

Universal Learning Design #DENChat

Last week, Lisa Parisi hosted our fourth #DENChat centered on the question of Universal Learning Design (UDL).  Several participants (myself included) had heard of UDL, but was unfamiliar with how it plays out in the classroom.  As a result, the conversation was truly a professional development experience. And that’s a good summation of all our

Spring VirtCon in Knoxville!

Discovery’s Spring Virtual Conference is an all-day, online, professional development opportunity that goes, literally, around the world for educators to drop in and participate together from wherever they are at the time.  It is just one more way Discovery has met the needs of teachers who long for interaction with others that “get them.” BUT,