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DE Virtual Field Trips Build Powerful Connections

DE Virtual Field Trips Build Powerful Connections

Looking for a great way to connect learners across grade levels and curriculum? Look no further than Discovery Education Virtual Field trips. The virtual field trips are free and offered during the school day so students can participate in real time. This week  Shorecrest Preparatory School held a virtual field trip event.  It was hosted

Engagement Discovery Style

This year I had to miss the Discovery Summer Institute and it reinforced to me why Discovery Education, The DEN and DEN Events are so important to great teaching. All of these activities promote engagement and engagement makes learning fun, memorable and sustainable. Discovery Summer Institute engages teachers from all over the world. Each person

Independence a True Gift

July is just beginning and it is my favorite month of the summer. It is the only true month of independence that most teachers have. As teachers, many of us have a good part of June off, but we are unwinding from the stress of the end of the year and cleaning all the areas

A DENlibrarian inspires Reading with 21st Century Apps

April is National Library month and I could not let this special month slip by with out sharing the story of how the DEN inspired one librarian to use her iPad to excite children about reading. This past January I had the pleasure of attending a Day Of Discovery with Dottie Smay, a librarian at

Old School Ideas and Games to improve 21st Century Skills

  Students, teachers and the tools we use for learning in the 21st century are evolving. The classroom is no longer a place for memorization of facts, which students learn and then give back on a test. Project based learning, critical and analytic thinking, collaboration within and outside the school walls are becoming the norm

FETC PRE- Conference Day of Discovery at Wonderworks

This Sunday, January 28th is the Day of Discovery  at WonderWorks on International Drive in Orlando, Florida. The Florida leadership council will be there in force and the day is jammed back with great ways to use Tech in your classroom. The day will be filled with great speakers, interactive sessions and great networking with

Top Ten List of KId Tested and approved Cool Apps for School

This summer I taught a class along with another fellow star, Christine Scoby, called “There”s an App for That”. We opened the class to any student fifth grade through ninth grade. It was our thought that all of our students knew how to use an iPad and knew all the latest apps for gaming, networking

Geocache to the rescue

This Saturday, May 19 will be a great time to join other DEN members and explore or learn more great ways of how to use geocaching in your classroom. There are many DEN live geocaching events in Florida, Texas, Georgia, South and North Carolina, Kansas, etc. Why should you care and why should you try

Mining Magnificent Minds

  Being a teacher means trying to help every child be successful in the classroom. However, ask yourself this question: What can teachers do to get the most out of their students? There are a lot of answers to this question such as differentiate instruction, use collaboration, conference with the student, make learning real and

The Power of Creativity

Creativity is the most important trait that a person can possess. It allows you to create meaning, importance and curiosity. It is the essence of why and how children and adults learn. As teachers and schools evolve, they should be asking themselves, how are our schools enhancing our students’ and our teachers’ creativity, curiosity, and