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Why go digital?

Why go digital?

Why go digital? Good question! The response is easy: up to date resources, flexibility, differentiation for students, high interest, greener, and cheaper.  Why now? Many districts (like mine)will be adopting new textbooks next year, which makes it a great time to make the switch. If your school is serious about keeping costs down, but making

STEM Connect Comes to Discovery

Are you looking for great resources for integrating STEM concepts?  Then take a look at the new STEM connect tab in the teacher center of Discovery Streaming. It is an excellent collection of clips, lesson plans, etc. that will make it easy to integrate science, technology, engineering , and math into your science or math

Nothing but treats

This weekend was the Tech or Treat virtual conference.  I hope that you were able to attend a few of the sessions that were offered.  They were all excellent.  However, if you missed one of the presentations, they will archive them on the DEN site starting next week.  One that you can catch right now

Virtual Labs to the Rescue

Experimental design is something that many middle school students  have trouble doing independently.  For years I have done the same lab to teach this concept to my students. The students love the lab, but I don’t love the results.  This year I decided to try teaching experimental design  with a virtual lab. My students chose

Earth Day Cometh

Earth Day is upon us, and this year it is easier than ever to find great activities to involve your students with treasuring and preserving our planet. Here are a few to share with teachers in your school. The grocery bag project: This project is a simple one, but will help students raise awareness about

Scientific method with a twist

The scientific method is a topic that many science teachers review at the beginning of the year. However, it can be hard to find new and exciting ways to teach it to students year after year. Personally, I find that students come to me still unsure of many steps even though they have conducted experiments

Let the Students Teach

Do you or your students have a case of the winter blahs?If so, try spicing up your approach to the science curriculum, by having your students teach the chapter instead of you. One of the cardinal rules of teaching is: “He or she who does the work learns the most.” Take advantage of this old