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Duncan Spells Out Preferred Uses of Stimulus Aid

Duncan Spells Out Preferred Uses of Stimulus Aid

Link to the article online:[NFMHGxyOILHfMsSLLBPkiVE%2BIqLoz5jGqNBy Michele McNeil After delivering a stern warning that states and school districts must use their federal stimulus money smartly or risk losing billions more, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his staff are starting to spell out exactly what they mean by “smartly.”Career coaches for graduating special education

2009 DEN National Institute: Apply Now!

After a lot of ideas, much feedback and a bunch of votes from the community, we are ready to announce this year’s location for the DEN National Institute.  The voting was very close and pretty evenly distributed across locations – so close in fact that the DEN team put our heads together to select this

Adding Video to SMART Notebook Files

Ok, I love my SMART board.  I love my Discovery Education Streaming Videos.  Putting them together makes for a powerful lesson. But, in order to embed streaming videos directly into Notebook files they need to be converted into Flash video.  (We all know that coversion tools can be time consuming and sometimes difficult.)  But thanks