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Dr. Lodge McCammon Songs are Here!

Dr. Lodge McCammon Songs are Here!

Dr. Lodge McCammon is a Specialist in Curriculum and Contemporary Media at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.  We just added 27 of Lodge’s phenomenal songs to Discovery Education Canada STREAMING library of resources. His work in education began in 2003 at Wakefield High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he taught Civics and AP

Another Crazy Week – Google Voice

Recently, It seem that every time it is my week to contribute to this blog something crazy happens.  The first time it was our email server going down.  This time it was our phone system. On Monday, my office started the transition to a hosted VOIP phone system.  We were expecting the phones to be

21st Century Schools

If you read anything about education and technology, you will hear the term 21st century skills.  21st century schools are being built.  Classrooms are being fitted with 21st century tools. But what does it really mean? I recently found a great site by Apple called Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow-Today, or ACOT2.  The site outlines what

Obama's Remarks on Education

When I first started blogging, every post I made was on something I thought was wrong with education.  I thought that is what you are supposed to do.  Most of the blogs I followed did the same.  I got sick of hearing them complain and I got sick of complaining.  I now try to be

NASA Do It Yourself Podcasts

If you ever wanted to interview an astronaut, you need to check out NASA Do It Yourself Podcasts. NASA is providing video and audio clips and encouraging students to remix their own podcasts. Right now, students can create podcasts on Lab Safety, Newton’s Laws, and Spacesuits. NASA also publishes a blog devoted to these podcasts.

Valentine's Day or Chocolate

Being a computer nerd, Valentine’s day was never one of my favorite holidays. Now that I am married with kids it is starting to grow on me. For the record, I ordered their presents from amazon on my iPod Touch. This week would be perfect to have a Valentine’s day post, but I am not

Abraham Lincoln

“I view [education] as the most important subject which we as people can be engaged in.” –Abraham Lincoln February 12th will mark Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday.  On, you can find out about the plans for celebrations all over the country.  I didn’t see any celebration planned in North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean you


My daughter loves cutting paper. One day, I showed her how to make snowflakes. She had a ball. My daughter hates cleaning up. I cannot begin to tell you how much little snips of paper were on the floor. Luckily, my daughter also loves to “work” on the computer. Next time she wants to make

LIFE Pictures Available on Google

Babe Ruth Google partnered with LIFE and is now in the process of digitizing their photos. Some of these photos date back to the 1750’s. Odds are you won’t recognize most of the pictures as they were never published. Right now, only 20 percent of the collection is availabe. Over the next few months the