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Twitter as a collaborative tool

Twitter as a collaborative tool

Want to learn more about how Twitter can be used as a collaborative tool in education?  Then you won’t want to miss out on reading this recent article from EdWeek.  Kathleen Manzo, the author, interviewed quite a few educators to determine how Twitter is actually be used in classrooms.  Among those interviewed?  STAR Discovery Educator

Get ready for flu season

September is National Preparedness Month, and Discovery Education, in partnership with the Ad Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Ready Campaign, invite you and your students to join a free H1N1 webinar to learn how you can be prepared this flu season.   Hear from experts at these organizations: The Centers for Disease Control:

Excited Teachers

Yesterday I got a chance to see a new group of teachers see ThinkLink for the first time.  I forgot how much fun it is to see the excited faces as they realize how powerful and easy to use this product is.  Such a cool day! Lynn

DESC Summer Institute Wrap Up

It has been almost two weeks since we wrapped up the first ever Discovery Education Science Connection Summer Institute and I am still feeling the excitement of those four days in Valley Forge.  We had a great group of educators from all over the country who made it a fun and funny time.  Our special

Check It Out!

Congratulations to Lora Hall the hard working folks at Glencliff High School in Nashville, TN! Success stories like this one give us hope for true education reform by caring individuals who are open to real change agent ideas. Here is a portion of the story that implies we at Discovery Education ThinkLink Assessment played

Day Two: DESC Summer Institute

It’s not often that you get to learn about a new product from the person who created it, but that’s how today started with Bob Onsi (mastermind of Discovery Education Science Connection) giving a great overview of the content in Science Connection.  For those interested, below is the Curriculum Connection document Bob shared with us

DESC Science Institute Kicks Off in Valley Forge

Tonight the Discovery Education Science Connection Summer Institute commenced with educators from nine different states making the trek to Valley Forge, PA.  We spent the evening getting to know each other better and gearing up for DESC workshops in the morning.  Here’s what a few attendees have to say so far: Three undisclosed participants (mostly

What should assessments assess?

Okay………… I was thinking that to make the best academic progress children should take periodic assessments that measure growth over the entire year, you know; show me where the children are now compared to where they need to be before high stakes tests, formative in nature. It now appears that some prefer a summative type

Meet Mr. Wizard IV

Join us on August 15, 2007 in Valley Forge, PA for a special presentation by Steven "Jake" Jacobs.  In addition to being Mr. Wizard IV, Jake works as a science writer for the Mythbusters, judges the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge, has worked extensively with Nickelodeon, and much, much more! We’ll start the evening with