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It’s not too late… Help Your Students Enter the Young Scientist Challenge by May 7th!

It’s not too late… Help Your Students Enter the Young Scientist Challenge by May 7th!

How often do you provide students with opportunities to solve real world problems?  I believe this is one of our most important roles as educators today.  You can learn more about my process by reading my prior post The Power of Student Challenges.  Every year, 3M and Discovery Education make it easy for me to continue

Underage Drinking and the Developing Brain, Body and Behavior

Sponsored Content by Ask, Listen, Learn    April is Alcohol Responsibility Month, the perfect time for all of us – teachers, counselors, AND parents – to work together to combat the impacts of underage drinking on the developing brain, body and students’ behavior. Since 2003, underage drinking has declined 50% (Monitoring the Future, 2016) and conversations between parents and their kids about alcohol have increased 73% (, 2016). This outstanding news is

Celebrate DNA Day with DNA Decoded

You and your students will love working with DNA Decoded for DNA Day! DNA Day is celebrated on April 25th and commemorates the day in 1953 when the DNA double helix was discovered, along with the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. DNA Decoded is a program designed for educators to help students see

3M Young Scientist Challenge

Have you ever stopped and considered, rather than asking your students what they want to be, maybe we should ask them what problems do they want to solve. According to the Herb Kelleher Center, Generation Z , our students today, are very focused on the world’s problems. In fact, 76% are already concerned about humanity’s

Brand New Boeing FUTURE U. Program & Virtual Field Trip

Boeing has a fantastic, brand new program called FUTURE U. that inspires students to become future innovators. Students in grades 6-12 are ignited with STEM-focused resources and learn from real expert aerospace professionals about careers in the industry. The FUTURE U. educational resources include the Innovating the Future Virtual Field Trip to Johnson Space Center,

We All Have a Maker Hiding Inside

As a young girl, I remember watching my father spend hours out in the garage working on projects.  Some projects would be small, like tabletop puzzles that he created on the scroll saw; while others, were large like my captain’s bed, complete with under the bed pull-out drawers for storage. I would grab all the

International Day of Happiness

In 1988, Bobby McFerrin told us “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”. This hit song fits perfectly with Discovery Education and LG’s International Day of Happiness celebrations. On March 20th, LG and Discovery Education pair up to celebrate happiness with resources and activities aimed to equip youth with strategies to better handle stress and find their happy