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FCAT — State Testing

FCAT — State Testing

How many states use a specific test for the standards that are used in your curriculum?  How many are still using them?  Are you doing those tests online or paper-pencil? In FL, we have a state testing called the FCAT… Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test.  Testing is completed in Math, Reading, and Science. Starting this year,

2010-11 School Year Underway

As the summer draws to an end, teachers have mixed emotions about the upcoming school year.  Some may feel dread that the summer is over and they did not accomplish all they hoped for, while others are excited about the possibilities of another set of minds to inspire.  Either way, the same questions run through

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hello Everyone… Happy Teacher Appreciation Week… Have you visited the DEN National blog to see what they are offering for the days teacher appreciation gift?  Yesterday was a Prezi Presentation (which can be viewed at while today they are giving away some special DE Streaming, Science, and other items…. Most school principals, PTA/PTO, or

Education and Politics

Is it any wonder that the main talk on educator’s minds is the ‘Pay for Performance’ raises or the stop of the ‘FCAT’ by using year-end exams?  With both of these topics come much angst and worry, as well as, a hip hip hooray.  Depending on which issue we are talking about directly, will skew