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It all comes down to this…..

It all comes down to this…..

Planning a family curriculum night for an elementary school can be a daunting job and extremely tiring. You want to make sure that you focus on things the students should know, while covering all aspects of the curriculum. One of my jobs is to plan entertaining, fulfilling, jaw-dropping, integrated family nights for my schools. I

Get on board OR get out of the way!

I had the most fantastic day sharing Glogster EDU with 103 sixth graders. They had been studying World Religions and using DE to locate images and videos. Their teacher was just going to have them present their findings on a poster board….so old school! I asked if I could share with her a poster board

Call 911-DEN

I have been a fan of Discovery Education for a long time. When our school system purchased for everyone, I was in heaven. The clips, the lesson plans, the images….everything worked for me. I had no idea that I was only seeing such a small part of DE. Last year, while reading a blog, I

Tired of Begging!

I am so sick and tired of having to beg for every little thing I need for my schools. I have to go incognito to Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement stores and get paint chips for vocabulary and math games. There are just so many excuses that you can come up with for that.

Great Expectations!

Well today was a first. Since both of my schools are being vetted as true  STEM schools, I am making sure that all 1000  students have an opportunity to experience a hands-on lab each week. Today was my first experience with our Pre-K students. I set up the lab with microscopes, rocks and minerals, animal tracks and

Another Point of View

I had the privilege of escorting 111 fourth graders, staff, and parents to Raleigh, NC via the Amtrak on Monday. Our plans were to visit the Legislative Building, NC Science Museum, and Museum of History. Well- those were the plans! We arrived at school at 4:45 am and began our journey. The Amtrak was delayed

#World Read Aloud Day

Today 90 sixth graders traveled over 6000 miles without ever leaving their classroom. Using Edmodo and Twitter, I was able to  find many willing classrooms to SKYPE with them on World Read Aloud Day. Mrs. Hattar’s students’ practiced reading several selections from their Reader’s Notebooks and were able to share them with students from Newton, Massachussetts;

My DEN Valentine

I have been IN love with one man in my life! (My husband, Steve) Last summer-  I had to tell him that I was sharing a little of that love with my new DEN friends. He was okay with it. I guess that I am having a DENmance with over 125 new people right now.